Raising the Bar

This is a short documentary I completed in one week for a class at UNC Chapel Hill called Carolina Photojournalism Workshop.  It follows the story of Chad Ledford, a convicted felon, who is now getting his life back on track and going back to school for the first time.  Within the span of one week, I journeyed to Hickory, NC, found a subject, spent all day most days filming, interviewed, transcribed, logged b-roll, mixed audio, and used Premiere to cut together the final product. There was a screening at the end of the week in Hickory, N.C. I then worked with a team of 16 students and 4 professional coaches to produce a storytelling website surrounding multi-faceted aspects of life in Hickory, which can be found at https://carolinaphotojournalism.unc.edu/2018/.


About The Bus Journey

This video is a piece I put together in order to tell, in a short-form way, what the The Bus’s trip was about to The Bus’s followers and sponsors. The Bus is an adventure/philanthropic non-profit that took one summer to travel the U.S. east coast national parks and film a documentary about it. I was a photographer, videographer, and social media coordinator for the trip. For this video, I conducted the interview, filmed all of the B-roll, mixed audio, and also put together the final piece in Premiere.

For this organization I also put together 3 trailers along the way as part of The Bus’s campaign, one of which is below.


The Bus - Florida National Parks Montage Trailer


Domtar Pulp and Paper Sustainability Report Highlights

As the Sustainability Communications Intern for Domtar, I created this video highlighting the overarching themes of the company’s recently released sustainability report. I used an internal animation software to do so, and worked with the Sustainability Communications Manager on storyboarding and messaging.