Sam the Chicken Boy: 13-Year Old Entrepreneur Makes His Mark

It's not every day that an 11 year-old is so impacted by researching the detrimental environmental effects of agribusiness that he decides to save up money from lemonade stands to fund his own small farm. Sam Tobin is that boy, now a 13 year-old chicken farmer who started his own free-range egg business two years ago in an effort to live more sustainably.  He currently has 60 chickens roaming around his backyard in urban Charlotte, N.C., and sells his eggs to local restaurants and neighbors. This is a brief glimpse into a day in his life, loosely inspired by Wendell Berry's poem "I Go Among Trees".



God’s Hands

Howard Allen is a farmer in Chapel Hill, N.C. who feels called upon by God to make an impact using his own two hands and Mother Nature. I shot and edited this piece in one week.


Raising the Bar

This is a short documentary I completed in one week for a class at UNC Chapel Hill called Carolina Photojournalism Workshop.  It follows the story of Chad Ledford, a convicted felon, who is now getting his life back on track and going back to school for the first time.  Within the span of one week, I journeyed to Hickory, NC, found a subject, spent all day most days filming, interviewed, transcribed, logged b-roll, mixed audio, and used Premiere to cut together the final product. There was a screening at the end of the week in Hickory, N.C.