Below is an opening Powerpoint slide I designed in Illustrator for a presentation on seasonal photos from a photographer.

Season Cycle Redesign@2x.png

Greenhouse Gas Emission Mobile Story

This vertical piece is a visual presentation of research I did for an environmental capstone at UNC Chapel Hill, where I did an inventory of UNC’s greenhouse gas emissions. I made a full size poster as well as this vertical piece so it could more easily be scrolled through on a mobile platform.

GHG Emissions-page-001.jpg

Energy Policy Nonprofit’s Newsroom

I work at the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), and I designed this rotating Newsroom for them which allows users to choose the type of energy topic they want to see news on. The site filters the news by category with tags, or the user can choose to just see all of the most recent energy-related news. The full, dynamic site can be seen at

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 9.32.55 PM.png

Retirement Countdown Clock

Inspired by a design challenge, this digital countdown clock is designed as a joke clock for the average working person to put on their desktop. As time passes, the numbers in the circles would count down and change.


Report Cover

This is a report cover I created for the National Association of State Energy Officials for a report they did on electric vehicle policy in U.S. states out west.