Day by Day

Dr. Ross was diagnosed with ALS in April 2017, and in August 2018 he decided his ALS was bad enough that he needed around-the-clock care. He moved out of a house and into an apartment in Chapel Hill, N.C. Andrew now receives care mostly from Lora, employed by HomeWatch Caregivers. His ALS has been described by doctors as “especially aggressive”, but Dr. Ross has a very positive attitude.


“Things that simply won’t let go”

Judy Hogan is an 81-year-old environmental activist, writer, and teacher. Since the 1960s, she has fought a myriad of different environmental justice issues affecting her community in Chatham County, N.C. Right now, she is leading a fight against Duke Energy dumping coal ash in her town. She publishes books and poetry and teaches writing classes twice a week.

This series of photos was for a final project for my Photo Stories class. It is accompanied by selected poems from Hogan’s most recently published book, called “Shadows”, which is autobiographical about her daily life. I took a more free-form, artistic approach with this caption style because I want Judy Hogan to speak for herself.


Earls For Justice

Anita Earls has been a civil rights attorney mostly in North Carolina for the last 30 years. She grew up in a mixed race family in a time where interracial marriages were illegal. She founded the Southern Coalition for Social Justice 11 years ago, and is now running to be the hundredth justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.


Hurricane Florence Takes Flight

Steve Watkins, one of the longest-tenured flight instructors in the U.S., owns his own tiny flight instructing company called Watkins Aviation in Person County, N.C.  He has clocked over 9,000 hours flight instructing – one of about one hundred in the country with this accomplishment. This is a story about Watkins and a hurricane that blew through.